Performance Science

Mobility & Flexibility Programmes

NMobility and Flexibility refer to the absolute range of movement in a joint or series of joints. When a sportsperson moves, two groups of muscles commence work, these groups being the agonistic muscles (i.e. those that cause the movement to take place) and the antagonistic muscles (i.e. those that oppose the movement and determine the amount of flexibility). Taking such into account, the objective of Mobility and Flexibility training is to improve the range of movement of the antagonistic muscles.

Improving one's Mobility and Flexibility not only develops a range of movement that allows for technical advancement and/or all-round superior performance in one's chosen sport, but also assists in the prevention of injury. Amongst the techniques Gold Standard's Performance Scientists execute to achieve such are Static, Ballistic, Dynamic, Active, Passive, Isometric and Assisted stretches. As part of their overall Mobility and Flexibility Programme, the practice also regularly use Video Analysis to deconstruct one's movement, filming sporting aspects such as one's stroke/swing, running, throwing, jumping and kicking style.

Appreciating that individual joints vary from one person to another, these plans are always individualised, keeping specific joint range of motions in mind. It is also worth noting that the practice specialise in Sport Podiatry, where they analyse the way an individual's foot strikes the ground whilst playing sports, and then evaluate its impact upon the other joints in his/her leg.



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Cardiac Screening

A recent study of Irish sportspeople by U.C.C's Department of Rheumatology, Sports and Exercise Medicine stated both awareness and uptake levels of Cardiac Screening (which is proven to significantly reduce rates of Sudden Cardiac Death amongst athletes) are still very much below desired levels.

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Consultancy Services

In the increasingly competitive and fast-moving world of modern-day sport, a helping hand is often needed by clubs and individuals in order for them to achieve their true potential.

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Core Stability Programmes

Gold Standard's Core Stability Sports Programme is a scientifically-based exercise plan, which aims to improve stabilisation and support to the spine and pelvis

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"Coaching the Club Coach" Programme

Gold Standard's “Coaching the Club Coach” Programme provides mentors with a cutting-edge fitness guide, which ensures those under their tutelage receive top class physical training.

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Capable of directly influencing one's physiological capacity, increasing the speed of recovery from training/competition and removing psychological constraints, Ergogenic Aids can massively benefit sportspeople when used correctly

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Fitness Testing

Before a Training Programme with the power to unlock a sportsperson's full potential can be devised, his/her existing fitness levels must be discovered.

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Gym Programmes

In recent years, a sporting revolution has undoubtedly taken place in this country.

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Injury Prevention Programmes

Negatively impacting upon sporting performances & leisure activities when not preventing one from participating at all, not to mention lowering fitness levels, injuries are the bane of a sportsperson's life.

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Mobility and Flexibility Programmes

Mobility and Flexibility refer to the absolute range of movement in a joint or series of joints.

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Nutrition & Diet Consultancy

Concentrating upon both the type and quantity of food and fluid a sportsperson intakes, Sports Nutrition and Diet concerns nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, supplements and organic substances (such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates).

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Off-season & Pre-season Training Programmes

In the ultra-competitive world of modern-day sport, athletes and coaches seek an edge wherever they can find it.

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Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis is an objective way of recording sporting and athletic performance so that key elements of said performance can be quantified in a valid and consistent manner.

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Personal Training

Typically carried out on a One-on-One basis (though Mini-Groups are also facilitated), Gold Standard's Personal Training service centres around expert Exercise Prescription and Instruction.

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Rehabilitation Programmes

To complement our Sports Physio, Sports Massage and General Physiotherapy services, we at Gold Standard offer a variety of excellent Sports Injury Rehabilitation Programmes.

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Speed-Agility-Quickness Programmes

Speed refers to the quickness of movement of a limb. In Performance Science terms, this can refer to the pace the legs of a footballer, or the arms of a hurler, move at. Undoubtedly an integral part of very many sports, Speed can be expressed as any one of, or a combination of Maximum Speed, Elastic Strength (i.e. Power) and Speed Endurance. Contrary to popular opinion, one's Speed can certainly be improved upon.

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Sports Massage

A healthcare service that is offered primarily to sports-people and athletes, Sports Massage is particularly effective before, during and after a game or training session.

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Sports Physio Services

A former Fitzgibbon Cup hurler as well as a current member of the Burgess Senior Hurling team, Gold Standard's Head Physiotherapist, Cian McDonnell has a strong interest in all sports, which enables him to fully relate to his sporting clients and patients.

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Sports Technology Offerings

Two of mankind's greatest passions, Technology and Sport, are becoming irrevocably intertwined in today's ever-evolving world.

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